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- 07/10/2010: Updated some modifications on my Harley.

- 08/03/2010: Added a new page for my Suzuki SV1000S bike.

- 17/07/2007: I forget to mention that we stopped hosting our domains and websites ourselfs. We are now hosted by one.com since november 2006.
My backup webpages on http://www2.turbokeu.com unfortunately do not exist anymore.

- 14/08/2005: Added some pictures of my Blue LED displays & VFD displays in the LED Clock and VFD Clock sections.

- 08/06/2005: Added some pictures of my DCF77 LCD-Clock and my DCF77 Nixie Clocks in the LCD Clock and Nixie Clock sections.

- 06/02/2005: Modified the Countdown 3 page and added new schematics and PCB layouts as well as component layouts in my Countdown 3 project.

- 31/07/2004: Added some more actual pics of my Harley in My bike section

- 07/06/2004: My chicken passed away this weekend...

- 03/06/2004: Added My laptop with some pics in "My Computer" section

- 17/05/2004: Added two pages of new pics in My watercooled PC-70 section.

- 05/03/2004: Updated and added a lot of new pics in My watercooled PC-70 section.

- 01/02/2004: My 320x240 graphical LCD is finally working and I added again some pics in "My Computer" section.

- 18/01/2004: My 320x240 graphical LCD finally arrived and I added some pics in "My Computer" section.

- 01/11/2003: Finally finished a first version of my DIY PCB manufacturing guide with pictures & comments in "My Projects" section.

- 01/11/2003: Added my 320x240 graphical LCD with some pictures & comments in "My computer" section. This section is still under construction since I'm waiting for the LCD module itself to arrive.

- 23/10/2003: Today we installed a public webmail and POP3 mail server (FTGate Pro from Floosietek) for our hosted customers. My turbokeu@turbokeu.com mailbox is finally accessible again...

- 01/09/2003: This weekend we migrated our Linux hosting server to a new server with RAID1 redundancy (as does our IIS server). Just waiting now for our second UPS and the airconditioning for our server room.

- 25/08/2003: Finished my 240x128 graphical LCD in "My computer" section and ordered a new 320x240 pixel blue LCD.

- 14/08/2003: Finally divided My watercooled PC-70 section in several pages.

- 13/08/2003: Today we had a big power failure in the neighborhood. Our UPS is capable to feed our seven servers during at least 45 minutes, but since the failure lasted from 1:00 to 5:00pm my website was down during a couple of hours...

- 10/08/2003: Added my 240x128 graphical LCD with pictures & comments in "My computer" section.

- 06/08/2003: My webpage www.turbokeu.com ( is now running under Apache 2.0 on a Red Hat Linux server and I have finally FTP access from home to it... The original IIS server is still running my original website as www2.turbokeu.com on There are some issues with the DNS name resolution for the moment as it takes some time to update... We are also busy testing Webmail and POP3 mail servers so that turbokeu@turbokeu.com finally will work again.

- 15/03/2003: Added pictures of the finished projects to Blue CPU indicator, Combined Fanregulator & Voltage Monitor and to Flowmeter in "My electronic projects".

- 07/03/2003: Added PCB component layouts to Pumprelays in "My electronic projects".

- 05/03/2003: Added comments to my Combined Fanregulator & Voltage Monitor in "My electronic projects".

- 04/03/2003: Finished my Flowmeter in "My electronic projects".

- 01/03/2003: Finished my Combined Fanregulator & Voltage Monitor in "My electronic projects".

- 28/02/2003: It's done: www.turbokeu.com (website & DNS) has been transferred to our company's webserver! For the moment we dispose only of a 512Kbit Upstream/1Mbit Downstream DSL line with five public addresses (hoping soon to be able to upgrade to a full 1Mbit/1Mbit line...) My original webpages are still active through the url http://users.skynet.be/turbokeu, but will not be updated anymore.

- 28/02/2003: Finished my Blue CPU indicator in "My electronic projects" section.

- 27/02/2003: Added My CCFL Fans with some pictures in "My computer" section.

- 27/02/2003: Added some pics to Combined Fanregulator & Voltage Monitor , to Digital Flowmeter, toBlue CPU indicator and to Solid State Pumprelay in "My electronic projects".

- 02/02/2003: Added comments to Combined Fanregulator & Voltage Monitor in "My electronic projects".

- 01/02/2003: Added Combined Fanregulator & Voltage Monitor in "My electronic projects".

- 27/01/2003: Added PCB layouts to Digital Flowmeter and added Digidoc5 extension in "My electronic projects".

- 22/01/2003: Added comments to Construction of my airtrap and to My flowsensor in "My computer" section.

- 21/01/2003: Added pics and comments to Pumprelays in "My electronic projects" section.

- 19/01/2003: Added comments and file download to Countdown Darkroom Timer, and modified the Flowmeter schematics for use with blue displays in "My electronic projects" section.

- 18/01/2003: Added pics and more comments to My watercooled PC-70 in "My computer" section.

- 29/11/2002: Added comments to Antec Tri-LED Fan Modding in "My computer" section.

- 19/11/2002: !!! Just got my own domain name: turbokeu.com , so this page is now accessible through the url www.turbokeu.com

- 14/11/2002: Added Digital Flowmeter schematics for my SwissFlow flowsensor in "My electronic projects" section.

- 12/11/2002: Updated Solid State Pumprelay in "My electronic projects" section.

- 10/11/2002: Added LM3914N Voltage Monitor schematics in "My electronic projects" section, modified AC-LED , Fanregulators and Pumprelay schematics.

- 14/07/2002: Added Solid State Pumprelay schematics in "My electronic projects" section.

- 30/06/2002: Added some pics in "My computer" section.


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